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The Bumble-B is a mash up of the LeafLabs Maple and the AsyncLabs YellowJacket, featuring a high density STM32, a microSD card slot, and an 802.11b WiFi modulator.

[edit] Maple Similarities

  • Bumble-B will be fully compatible with the Maple IDE (when we get there).
  • Most of the same GPIOs and peripherals you know and love
  • The same 3.7v LiPo battery charging circuitry

[edit] Differences

  • Arduino-sized footprint. (It's a little longer than the Maple).
  • Built-in 802.11b. This consumes one of the SPI busses on the STM32. The pins used for the WiFi chip aren't broken out, so if you're not using the WiFi, you lose some flexibility.
  • Built-in microSD interface using SDIO. This takes advantage of the high-density chip's SDIO interface, and uses 4 data lines to provide higher throughput than SPI implementations. A free FAT library will be provided as well.
  • There are fewer available GPIOs. The Bumble-B looks more like an Arduino than a Maple because it doesn't have the extra 2x9 header. But, ALL 20 of the standard Arduino pins (0-13 digital and 0-5 analog) are available, even if you're using the microSD and WiFi. At. The. Same. TIME!
  • The LiPo charger is rotated 90 degrees so that you can keep your battery in an enclosure and still have DC power, USB, and microSD facing outwards.
  • You can't buy it... yet.

[edit] More Details

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