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[edit] Blocking Changes for Maple Native Release (version number TBD)

These previously blocked 0.0.11, but aren't significant enough to cause further delays in the Maple Mini timeline, so they're being delayed. In the future, we need to improve the way we structure our development timeline so these sorts of changes don't happen.

  1. Fix 64-bit Linux IDE build to use 64-bit dfu-util
  2. Restyle "Parameters"/"See" blocks and table headers in generated HTML documentation to be green
  3. Make better refactor documentation (Breathe's "doxygenfile" directive in particular is very lacking). Would be nice to have some sort of globbing doxygendefine for register bit definitions, but there's no time. Use manually laid out ReST files now that Breathe has had a little bit of speed optimization applied.

[edit] Blocking Changes for 0.1.0

This is is not yet complete. These are given in no particular order.

  • Rewrite the USB stack and fix the SerialUSB problems once and for all.
  • Maple Native support
  • Interrupt-based SPI implementation
  • Better IDE size output
  • "Burn Bootloader" menu item
  • Update documentation URL scheme to allow for future expansion. (Use Python docs' versioned subdirectories with fixed docs "splash" screen as a model). Maybe a custom 404 for old URLs (later, if at all).
  • Ensure all files in libmaple examples/ directory work properly
  • Fix IDE examples so they work on Maple (at least ensure that the "Examples > Maple" subset is up-to-date with respect to any original sources in libmaple/examples).
  • Fix IDE so it removes build dirs on Windows
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