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Welcome to!
The wiki space for the Maple STM32 Dev Board
27 articles (all in English), please contribute!

How to Get Started

See the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Due to a high volume of spam, anonymous editing has been disabled. You will need to create an account before editing any pages. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contact the webmaster regarding any bug reports or feature requests.


  • How To Guides - how to do various things related to Maple
  • Resources - external info to help you with the Maple (STM32 docs, etc.)
  • Libraries - info on Maple libraries, including user-contributed software
  • USB Notes - Notes on the Maple's USB peripheral
  • DMA - Notes on the DMA peripherals
  • DAC - Notes on the DAC peripheral
  • ADC - Notes on the ADC peripheral
  • Projects - tell people about your Maple project, get help from others
  • Cookbook - a getting started guide to Maple programming and interfacing with peripherals
  • Compatible Shields - find out about compatible shields, or post information on shields you find to be compatible
  • ExRequest - Wish you had a code snippet for something down and dirty on Maple? Need a recipe for brushless motor control, 2MHz dual adc mode? Tell us your wishlist!
  • Maple Projects - Start your project using another project as a template

Contributor Documentation

These pages will help new (and existing) libmaple or Maple IDE hackers along their way.


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